We Are Thankful for You

This holiday season is just around the corner, and though it may be stressful and busy for many families, it’s important to look out for each other and our community. November is the month of giving thanks, and this year we want to thank the most important people at Holtzman Propane: our customers.

We are constantly looking for more ways to get to know our customers and the communities we serve. We love seeing the faces of those who trust us to keep their homes running efficiently and their family or business warm, and look forward to getting to know new customers around our Tappahannock and Lanexa offices. We have had such a great experience so far, and everyone we meet makes us feel so welcome!

Part of the way we build trust is making sure you get to know us, too! When you call our offices, you’ll always hear a familiar voice on the other end who is ready to assist you with everything from starting service at a new address to having your tank filled before a busy day of holiday cooking. When our technicians visit to refill your tank or install an appliance, they won’t feel like a stranger, and will treat your home as if it were their own. In fact, they are always ready to answer your questions about propane, or our process and services. If you want to get to know our employees more, visit our Facebook page to see photos from our offices and events across the state!

You can also take comfort in knowing Holtzman will be here for you, even during bad weather. Your safety is important to us, and we will send a technician out as quickly as we can to make sure you stay warm and your system is functioning properly.

This month we say “thank you” to all of our customers, whether you are a long-time friend or new to the Holtzman family. Without you, we wouldn’t be here!