Uses for 20-Pound Propane Cylinders

If you have a propane-heated home, you already know the many benefits behind the tank – reliability, efficiency, sustainability and cost. But what about those small 20lb cylinders you see in outdoor and hardware stores? These tanks are amazingly useful and can be refilled at most Holtzman Propane locations! Here are our favorite activities for 20lb tanks:

Camping:  Fall is the perfect camping season in Virginia. It’s not too humid and hot, but doesn’t have the freezing temperatures of winter – plus you’ll get to witness the beauty of the leaves changing! However, nights can still be chilly and people who are camping may choose to take a propane heater to avoid having to crawl into their tent as soon as the sun sets. Portable heaters can be used near picnic tables or other gathering areas – but don’t use them inside a tent or vehicles! For extended camping trips, the larger 20lb tanks can be more beneficial for cooking as well, easily hooking up to camp stoves.

Travel: For those living or traveling in an RV or converted vehicle, power sources are usually the first concern. Propane is one of the most reliable, accessible and cost-effective ways to stay warm and cook food in an RV, making it a top choice for anyone on the road. As always, be sure to review propane safety measures before using propane in a new space.

Grilling: All grills require a heat source, and most often that heat source is propane! These 20lb tanks are what makes grills so portable and easy to use for those upcoming backyard barbecues and cookouts.

Events: For weddings, festivals and any event held outdoors, keeping food warm is a key factor in keeping guests happy and leaving raving reviews. Propane is a great option when it comes to portable buffet-style food warmers.

If you need your 20lb propane tank refilled, contact your nearest Holtzman location today.