‘Tis the Season for a Gas Fireplace

The month of December is filled with so many opportunities to cozy up to a gas fireplace, whether you’re watching football, singing carols around a tree, or simply enjoying the peace and quiet on a cold winter night! Gas fireplaces are wonderful addition to any home for many reasons:


  1. Add ambience and heat without the mess. With wood burning fireplaces you have to lug firewood inside of the house (along with any dirt and bugs that may be on it), deal with smoke, and clean out the ashes after you’re finished with the fire. All this work and mess can be avoided with a gas fireplace.


  1. Safer than wood burning fireplaces. Gas fireplaces don’t use real wood logs, which makes them inherently safer. While having a wood burning fire, sparks tend to fly from the wood, especially from pine or fir logs. In addition, creosote—a flammable chemical—can form in your chimney over time as wood burns. As such, regular chimney cleaning is a must for wood burning fireplaces and adds an extra expense to fireplace care.


  1. Easy to operate. Operating a gas fireplace is as easy as flipping a switch. Flames will start right up and can be adjusted to the level you prefer. That’s much simpler than spending time getting firewood to catch on fire and having to tend to it constantly throughout the night.


  1. Easy to install. If you have an existing hearth, installation of a gas fireplace couldn’t be any easier. Holtzman professional installers will come to your home and will get your new fireplace set up in no time.



  1. Vent-free options don’t require a chimney. Want to install a gas fireplace in a room without a chimney? No problem! Vent-free gas fireplaces vent through the walls of the fireplace to an exterior opening or simply cycle exhaust back into the room.


If you’re dreaming of a gas fireplace this winter, Holtzman is your go-to source! Our showrooms have a wide selection of gas fireplaces on display and our professional staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for more information.