The Best Back Yard Possible with Propane!

Propane is a clean, versatile fuel, so it’s no surprise that the Propane Education & Research Council reports that 53 percent of outdoor appliances use it. That’s because outdoor propane appliances are convenient and attractive additions to nearly all of your backyard activities!

With propane, you can have fun and stop worrying about the small details that slow you down when the family is outdoors. Here are our three favorite propane appliances to create a convenient backyard oasis:

Patio Heaters 

Propane patio heaters offer safe, powerful heat source, so you can enjoy an evening outside even as the seasons begin to change. These heaters are extremely versatile and come in different models that emit heat by convection, forced air or through infrared heating. Gas heaters also vary in capacity, output adjustability, size, and capacity, making it convenient for you to find one that fits your backyard space, and letting you enjoy the outdoors long after the seasons change.

Outdoor Firepits

Safety and simplicity is what you get with outdoor fireplaces powered by propane. Forget chopping and hauling wood, stoking a fire, and waiting for flames to die down before you can roast marshmallows. Not to mention smoke in your eyes and your clothes smelling like woodsmoke. With propane, enjoying a backyard fire as simple as flipping a switch. And, when you’re done, you can instantly shut it off – no throwing water on coals or cleaning up ashes.

Outdoor Gas Lighting 

Enjoy the ambiance of real flame lighting without worry or hassle by choosing propane. Using propane lamps and lighting is a popular way to brighten outdoor patios, entryways, driveways, and landscaping – all while offering homeowners efficiency, reliability, and much more.

With high-quality options, long-term benefits and ease of use, outdoor propane appliances can help create your relaxing backyard oasis.