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    • Propane
    • Heating Oil
          • Our friendly and courteous employees deliver both #2 heating oil and kerosene to homes and businesses.
    • Gas/Diesel
          • Holtzman Oil is a proud supplier of gas and diesel to more than 150 stations and commercial pump facilities throughout the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.
    • Lubricants
      • We supply a complete line of lubricants in all package styles, as well as bulk deliveries to all types of business and industry in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
    • HVAC
      • Holtzman Propane has a team of heating and cooling professionals that are committed to providing you and your family whole-house comfort for not only the hot summer months but for all four seasons!
    • Auto Service Center
      • Trust our trained mechanics and certified technicians to take care of your vehicle needs in our full service auto repair shop.
    • Additional Services
      • In addition to being a leader in regional oil and gas distribution, Holtzman Corp. also offers other services, from restaurants, to an auto service center, a full HVAC service company for your home or office, and a bagged ice distribution company, Valley Ice.
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Xpress Stop Liberty Store in Augusta


10901 Northwestern Turnpike
Augusta, West Virginia 26704


Tel.: (304) 496-8600

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