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          • Our friendly and courteous employees deliver both #2 heating oil and kerosene to homes and businesses.
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          • Holtzman Oil is a proud supplier of gas and diesel to more than 150 stations and commercial pump facilities throughout the Shenandoah Valley, Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.
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      • We supply a complete line of lubricants in all package styles, as well as bulk deliveries to all types of business and industry in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.
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      • Holtzman Propane has a team of heating and cooling professionals that are committed to providing you and your family whole-house comfort for not only the hot summer months but for all four seasons!
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      • Trust our trained mechanics and certified technicians to take care of your vehicle needs in our full service auto repair shop.
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      • In addition to being a leader in regional oil and gas distribution, Holtzman Corp. also offers other services, from restaurants, to an auto service center, a full HVAC service company for your home or office, and a bagged ice distribution company, Valley Ice.
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Delivery and Payment

Holtzman Propane takes great pride in being able to deliver competitively priced residential, commercial, and industrial propane fuel, while maintaining our constant focus on exceptional customer service. We offer several programs and payment options to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Note, customer price plans are only available to auto-fill customers. Will-call propane delivery customers are not eligible.

To enroll in a propane pricing plan, please contact your nearest office:

Our Delivery Program

Automatic MONITOR Fill

Our Automatic Monitor Fill plan tailors our delivery schedule to your household’s usage and needs, allowing you to focus on things other than monitoring your propane tank. We use a sophisticated tank monitoring system to keep track of your propane usage. The system will automatically produce a delivery ticket based upon your tank’s size and an established tank percentage threshold. Once your tank percentage meets certain criteria, we are alerted to make a delivery.

Deliveries are targeted based upon tank percentage, daily consumption as well as each customer’s individual propane applications.

Holtzman Propane also has on-call delivery service year-round if you find yourself out of fuel. Our answering service will contact a manager on-call and they will contact you.

We take all out-of-gas situations very seriously and an in-house investigation is done to determine the reason. The on-call driver will fill your tank, perform a leak test and then re-light your appliances. Should an automatic customer run out of fuel, there are no afterhours delivery fees and our drivers will respond promptly.

*Residential Automatic Monitor Fill Program Is Subject To Credit Approval

Automatic Monitor Fill customers receive 10¢ off per gallon on each delivery! Get an additional 5¢ Off Per Gallon when you sign up for our Custom Payment Plan


Pre-Buy allows you to purchase your fuel prior to the winter months when prices are historically lower. For more information, to set up service, or if you have any questions, call us at (888) 306-4243.

Payment Options

Lock-In (Fixed Price) Plan

Commit to purchase a predetermined amount of propane during the heating months. We deliver the propane from October-March and you pay for each delivery in full (based on your credit terms). Enrollment is typically during the summer and an administrative enrollment fee applies.

Pre-buy (Fixed Price) Plan

Pre-buy your annual anticipated propane gallons in the summer and save $0.05 per gallon, below the already low summer prices! While this plan does require you to pay for the anticipated use up front, you save the most money. Your pre-paid propane is delivered from October-March. Enrollment is typically during the summer and there is no enrollment fee.


Our simplest plan – you can sign up any time and you simply pay an equal monthly payment for the next 11 months, based on anticipated/historical usage. If any balance remains at the end of 11 months, that payment is due in the 12th month. This is a great way to level your payments, even when propane prices fluctuate based on market conditions.


Similar to the Custom Payment Plan, but you lock-in a fixed price during the summer for a predetermined number of contracted gallons. You’ll have 11 monthly payments based on the low summer rates. If any balance remains at the end of 11 months, that payment is due in the 12th month. Enrollment is typically during the summer and an administrative enrollment fee applies.

Do you have questions about Custom Payment plans and pricing?