Propane Powers Outdoor Living

Summer is a time for outdoor fun, from backyard barbeques and pool parties, to relaxing nights spent by a fire. Spending time outdoors is even more enjoyable when your backyard oasis is powered by propane! Propane is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective way to make the most of your outdoor living space. Want to learn more? Check out these amenities that can be powered by propane:


Pools and Spas

Propane heaters are a very efficient way to heat your backyard pool or spa. They heat the water more quickly and maintain the desired temperature longer. These heaters work with in-ground and above-ground pools, as well as hot tubs.


Fire Pits

Forget gathering wood, starting the fire, and cleaning up the ashes. Gas firepits turn on and off with a simple flip of a switch. They heat up quickly and consistently, keeping your guests warm and the s’mores delicious. Plus, there’s no smoke, so your clothes and hair won’t smell at the end of the night.



While your gas grill may run on a propane cylinder now, imagine if it was hooked up to a direct propane supply. No more running out of gas in the middle of cooking and having to run out for a replacement tank! Connect to your existing propane tank and never have to run to a tank exchange again.


Patio Heaters

In a few short months, the warm summer weather will give way to brisk fall nights. No matter the setting, entertaining outdoors with the addition of a propane patio heater helps keep your guests comfortable. Available in many different varieties, gas heaters provide a convenient and efficient way to provide warmth for your friends and family.


Get outside and have some fun this summer! To learn more about how you can power your outdoor living with propane, contact Holtzman Propane at (540) 477-4450 or online.