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Propane-Powered Products for Your Home

The benefits of propane are undeniable; it’s a versatile, reliable, clean energy that can save you money on your monthly bills. While many people associate propane with heat, it can be used for so much more in the home. Consider these options for propane-powered products for your family:

Water Heater

No one wants to take a cold shower, and a propane-powered water heater can ensure that everyone in the family stays warm while getting clean.Tankless propane-powered water heaters heat up water twice as fast as electric water heaters and work instantly to deliver reliable hot water on-demand. Over the course of a year, Energy Star-rated propane water heaters can save homeowners approximately 20 percent in energy costs as compared to electric or oil water heaters. We carry our trusted Rinnai line of tankless water heaters, guaranteed to keep your showers warm.

Ranges, Ovens, and Stoves
Propane-powered ranges, stovetops, and ovens allow you to create a delicious meal every time you cook. Our team can install direct lines to your range, oven, or stove to ensure you never run out of propane when making a delicious meal. Propane-powered ovens heat up faster and provide a moist heat that can prevent foods from drying out. Propane-powered stoves provide an even heat that can be precisely adjusted so that your meal comes out just the way you want it. Maybe that’s why 96 percent of professional chefs prefer to cook with gas.

Propane-powered clothes dryers with direct propane lines dry clothes faster and more efficiently than electric dryers and can save you up to 20 percent on your annual energy bills. Less time in the dryer means that clothes won’t wear and tear as quickly and you won’t have to replace your clothing items as often. What’s more, since the clothes dry faster, they develop fewer wrinkles which saves you time ironing as well.

When you want to relax by the glow of a fire without having to haul in firewood, light a fire, and clean up the ashes, a propane-powered fireplace is the way togo.With the flip of a switch, you can ignite a fire that will keep your family cozy during the cold weather.

If you live in an area that loses power frequently, adding a propane-powered generator to your home can put your mind at ease. Generators are available in multiple sizes and can allow you to power just a few appliances or your entire house. Unlike diesel, propane doesn’t degrade over time, so your generator will always be ready to go.

Patio Heaters
Outdoor living is elevated when you have propane heaters for your patio. These heaters allow you to enjoy your time outdoors throughout the year, heating up your space with the click of a button. Wall mounted patio heaters are popular options that connect directly into your home’s propane tank, so you won’t have to worry about refilling portable tanks when they run out.

Powering your home with propane products is a smart move, saving you time and money. Plus, they are good for the environment. To make the switch to propane or to learn more about updating your home to propane-powered products, contact Holtzman Propane today.


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