Now You’re Cooking (With Gas!)

We rave about tankless water heaters, but did you know that propane powers appliances all around the home? Whether you’re building new, remodeling or simply replacing a single appliance – chances are, you can do it with propane compatible devices.

One of the most popular places to add propane is in the kitchen. Propane Stoves and Ovens are preferred by professional and novice chefs the world over for their precise heating capability, the fact that they are cheaper to operate than electric counterparts, and the bonus that they operate during power outages.

Brand-Name and Luxurious:

Although it’s powered homes for a hundred years, propane isn’t stuck in the past. Get the high-end, high-performance appliances you want in your home. Whether replacing your entire kitchen line-up or adding a single new kitchen appliance, choose from well-known manufacturers and fresh styles that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Benefits Beyond the Kitchen:

In a time when consumers want to make better choices for the planet and still stick to a budget, many invest in propane appliances. It’s the smart choice for both your wallet and the environment. Other propane-powered appliances to consider in the home are refrigerators, clothes dryers, generators and space heaters. These gas-powered appliances can save hundreds in annual energy costs while reducing emissions and strain on your local electrical grid.

With high-quality options, long-term benefits and ease of use, propane appliances add so many benefits to your home. Give Holtzman Propane a call at 800-628-0379 today to learn more about powering your home with propane.