Make Your House a Home with Holtzman

Whether you are building a new home, updating an existing residence to propane, or adding new propane-powered products to your home, Holtzman is your one stop-shop to for all things propane. Our Holtzman Fireplace Showrooms are the ideal place to get ideas for design, plan installation, and learn about ongoing maintenance of your propane products.

Holtzman Fireplace Showrooms showcase the many ways that you can utilize propane in your home, from fireplaces to space heaters to tankless water heaters and more. Based on your wants and needs, Holtzman’s propane experts can help you determine what product is best, provide style and design options, and walk you through how to operate and care for each appliance. That’s not something you’ll get from a big box store!

What exactly can you find in a Holtzman Fireplace Showroom?

There are several types of propane fireplaces commonly used in residential homes. Fireplace inserts slide into existing fireplace and are then hooked up to a propane line. Also known as direct vent, these inserts require a chimney for the smoke to vent out of the house. Built-in (or vent-free) fireplaces can be added anywhere in a house as they don’t require a chimney.

Fireplace Logs
Fireplace logs are an essential part of a gas-powered fireplace, whether it be an insert, a built-in, or a traditional fireplace retrofitted for propane. Logs are made of refractory cement, ceramic fiber, or refractory ceramic, and can be vented or ventless. You can also choose from various sizes of logs and log styles.

Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters are efficient and ensure that you never run out of hot water and only heat water when needed. Compared to conventional tanks style heaters, the tankless styles are designed to fit in the smallest of spaces freeing up more livable space in your home.

Space Heaters
Propane can also power space heaters to keep you warm when the weather gets cold. Freestanding heaters are common; however, wall or ceiling-mounted heaters are also popular space heater options. The size of the space heater will determine the area that it can keep warm. There are also many different styles of space heaters available.

When you visit a Holtzman Fireplace Showroom, you can be confident that you are being cared for by a propane expert. Our professionals can help you find the best product and answer any questions you might have along the way. Stop by and visit us at one of our six locations to check out what we have to offer!