How Holtzman Makes Propane Easy

Are you ready to invest in propane? Well, Holtzman Propane works as hard as we can to make it “easy as pie” for our customers. Whether you’re new to propane or have been using it for years, Holtzman is here to make it simple.

From the first time you pick up the phone to the moment we get your propane tank running there’s only a few easy steps. Just give us a call and let us know where you reside and what services you’re interested in. For your best possible experience, we want to ensure that your local office is the one serving you, so we’ll make sure you speak to whichever location is best.

If we can service your home, we’ll scope it out. You don’t even have to be there! We look at the lay of the land to determine where the tank is best placed and what kind of permits are needed to do so. This will either be a visit by our technicians or photos taken by the new customer and sent to our office.

We take care of all the steps needed to install the tank. That means making any necessary phone calls like requesting a permit, if needed, and calling the utility to schedule inspections. We also order any appliances requested for your home, ensuring on-time delivery.

Finally, installation typically takes just a single day and your gas turns on the day after. The only thing our customers need to do is be home the day of the installation.

That’s it!

Already have propane in your home? Well, we make the switch to Holtzman services easy too.

1. Payment Plans. Using Holtzman Propane to supply your home and power your appliances is the flexibility available with our propane purchase options. Whether you want to lock-in prices when they are low during the summer months, or have the same payment each month regardless of season, we make it simple and the choice is yours.

2.Automatic Fill. The Automatic Fill plan tailors our delivery schedule to your household’s usage and needs, allowing you to focus on things other than monitoring your propane tank. We use the Degree Day Forecasting System to monitor your propane usage. The system uses information on daily weather conditions, your tank size and estimated usage to come up with a delivery schedule.

We’re excited to make the process easy and give you the service you deserve when it comes to your energy provider. Give Holtzman a call today.