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Holtzman Fuel Card

The Holtzman Fuel Card is a card system that gives you savings, convenience and security for our retail customers.

The Fuel Card can be used for gas and diesel purchased at the pump or in the store at any of our 150 gas station locations.

  • The Fuel Card is more convenient to use than cash or other credit cards.
  • With it you receive a convenient, itemized monthly statement that tracks your expenses clearly, making reconciliation easy!
  • You get an AUTOMATIC 3¢ DISCOUNT on every gallon of gas you purchase with this card!
  • Residential and business accounts available.
  • Multiple cards available on a single account for families and businesses.

Should you need additional cards, want to restrict a card for certain use, or even need a more descriptive report for purchases, just let us know. We’re more than happy to accommodate you.

Click below to download the pdf of either the residential or commercial application. Please fill out the credit application and email your completed, signed copy to fuelcardapps@holtzmancorp.com.


How much does it cost to sign up for a Holtzman Fuel Card?

There are no monthly or annual fees associated with the Holtzman Fuel Card, provided you pay your balance in full by the 20th of each month, in accordance with terms.

How does the Fuel Card help me save on fuel costs? 

As soon as you begin using your Holtzman Fuel Card, you save 3 cents per gallon. Depending on the number of monthly gallons purchased, the amount you save increases, up to 5 cents per gallon! Your fuel savings show up as a credit on your monthly statement.

Why is my Fuel Card Statement Different Than What the Pump Showed?

The price at the pump is what you would pay without the Fuel Card. Each month you receive a credit of 3 cents to 5 cents per gallon, based on the total gallons purchased that month. For example, if you purchased 100 gallons, you save $3 on your actual bill.

How does my bill arrive? 

Your monthly bill will arrive in the mail or via email. We provide easy-to-read monthly statements and vehicle management reports, making it easy to reconcile all your fuel accounts.

How long will it take to get my Holtzman Fuel card once I apply?

In most cases cards are mailed out within five business days, once the application is approved.

Where does my Holtzman Fuel Card work?

Use our Fuel Card at the pumps of any of these 150+ Holtzman gas stations.

Can I restrict what type of usage the card can accommodate? 

Yes, each card can be set up to accept in-store purchases and fuel, or fuel only.

Can I add multiple cards to one Holtzman Fuel Card account?

Yes! Let us know how many cards you’d like in your credit card application. We can also add more once your account is established.

Can I use my Holtzman Fuel Card for non-fuel purchases?

In-store purchases may be made with your Holtzman Fuel Card. However, only fuel purchases receive a discount.

What happens if I don’t pay my balance in full?

The terms for the Holtzman Fuel Card require payment in full each month for your account to remain active.

How is using the Holtzman Fuel card different from using cash or credit card?

Using a Holtzman Fuel card eliminates the confusion when tracking transportation costs in your home or commercial budget, saves money with each fill up and fuel expense accounting is done automatically – which takes the hassle out of keeping receipts!

What is the per-gallon discount?

Per-gallon discounts are based on the total number of gallons purchased in a month:

  • Purchase 1 – 1,499 gallons and save 3¢ per gallon
  • Purchase 1,500 – 4,999 gallons and save 4¢ per gallon
  • Purchase 5,000+ gallons and save 5¢ per gallon
How secure is the Holtzman Fuel Card?

The fuel card is secure in that the actual card is required at the pump when fueling. Additionally, a pin number may be required as additional security upon request.