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Reasons to Go Tankless This Spring

Water usage skyrockets in the spring, especially now that we’re all at home. With escalated concerns for having cleaned and sanitized spaces, you need confidence that your hot water supply can keep up.  That’s one reason, among others, that the Holtzman Propane team believes tankless water heaters are a great option for every home. 

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Do You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Carbon monoxide is a stealthy danger that is easy to forget about. Without a smell, taste or visible form, it often goes unnoticed. That’s why it’s important for all homes to get fitted with a working carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon monoxide can form in your home from a number of sources,

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Uses for 20-Pound Propane Cylinders

If you have a propane-heated home, you already know the many benefits behind the tank – reliability, efficiency, sustainability and cost. But what about those small 20lb cylinders you see in outdoor and hardware stores? These tanks are amazingly useful and can be refilled at most Holtzman Propane locations!

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Important Tips About A Propane System Inspection

A propane system inspection is important if something has changed with your system, including home improvement work that may have necessitated an appliance move or similar changes. This video from the Propane Education and Research Council has some tips:

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Propane Safety and Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can be very dangerous. During periods of high temperatures, serious injuries and deaths can be attributed to physical conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Extreme heat can be contributing factors to events such as power outages and wildfires.

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How to Safely Handle and Transport 20-Pound Propane Cylinders

This is the busy season for grilling and camping, so it’s a good time to share this 20-pound tank safety video from the Propane Education and Research Council. Please be safe when transporting and using your portable propane tank.

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