Be Prepared for Mother Nature

Spring is just around the corner and that means rain is on the way. Over the past few years there has been an increase in severe weather during the spring months. Powerful thunderstorms and high-speed winds often result in a loss of electricity, which can throw a major wrench in your day. That is, of course, unless your home runs on propane! See how a home backed up with propane can keep running smoothly even during bad weather.


Propane doesn’t rely on the grid to keep your home powered, meaning you can keep the lights on when others in your neighborhood are left in the dark. While most propane-powered lights are installed outdoors, you can rely on your gas generator to keep the lights on inside of the house during a storm.


Doesn’t it seem that the power always goes out after you’ve done a big shopping run and filled your fridge with expensive meats and food items? You won’t have to worry about food spoiling after severe weather when you have refrigerator that is backed up with propane. These reliable and efficient fridges are a great option to keep your food cold.


Aside from their many other great qualities, gas stoves are well-loved because they are fully functional during a power outage. Rather than scrap your dinner plans, you can feed your family as planned.

Furnace and Gas Log Fireplaces

If temperatures drop during a storm, your house can remain warm if you use propane. Propane-powered furnaces will continue to work during a power outage. And even if your furnace runs on electricity, you can still generate heat in your house if you have a gas log fireplace.

Water Heater

Homes that utilize propane as a heating source can also rely on hot water in the middle of a power outage. Propane water heaters provide a consistent supply of hot water throughout the house regardless of whether the electricity is on, which makes showering a lot more pleasant!


Make the switch to propane and reap the benefits all year long, and specifically during severe weather! For more information call Holtzman today at 540-477-4450 or contact us online.