Getting Ready for Fall!

Winter is just around the corner! For many, (us included) fall weather is a welcome relief to the heat and humidity of our area’s summers. Especially when the time comes to light up the fireplace! Just don’t get caught in smoke. Before lighting your first log this year, contact Holtzman Propane for an annual inspection and cleaning of your hearth and fireplace.

Regular service to these seasonal products not only adds years of life to your favorite home accessories, but improves efficiency and gives you peace of mind that they’re in perfect working condition.

As part of our hearth cleaning and inspection service, a Holtzman technician will:

Clean the burner tube
Clean logs and check for proper placement
Clean pilot assembly
Clean the blower and verify correct operation
Clean fireplace glass
Check electrical connections
Check gas pressure
Check and replace decorative material
Test Thermocouple
Verify venting operation is correct
Replace customer supplied batteries in existing remote controls
Review the operation and care of the fireplace with the customer

If you think it sounds like the perfect way to begin the fall season and prepare for the cozy days ahead, we agree!

These full-service offers are only provided to current Holtzman Propane Customers in Tappahannock and Lanexa service areas. Ready to make the switch? We make it easy! Give us a call at 1-(888)306-4243! to start the process, today!